Huntsinger Farms, Eau Claire, WI
July 21-23, 2020

Volunteer Committee Descriptions

  • Admissions Committee — Provide assistance for show attendees with positioning of information booths and tents, set up admission headquarters, collect admission fees.
  • Education Committee — Coordinates UW-Extension and partner agency theme tents and exhibits in and around tent city (i.e.; Applied Technology Center)
  • Family Living Committee — Coordinate educational and entertaining programs - including speakers, exhibits, demonstrations and displays, host the Family Living Tent.
  • Field Demonstrations Committee — Plan field harvest demonstrations; coordinate needs for seed and fertilizer to establish crops (for Tent City, parking, and fieldwork demonstrations), work cooperatively with host farmer, and coordinate transportation for show attendees to and from demonstration area.
  • Food Committee — Select groups to provide food and beverage at the show, select menus, operate and coordinate six food tents.
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  • Grounds Committee — Provide services (fencing, culverts, unloading ramps, forklifts), coordinate garbage and refuse collection, provide shavings for the grounds, provide drinking water and toilet facilities.
  • Hospitality Committee — Distribute invitations and information to exhibitors, staff information booths; provide conveyances for handicapped accessibility at the show. Solicit cash and in-kind donations from sponsors.
  • Parking Committee — Provide volunteer force for directing traffic flow, parking and assistance with assigning an area for handicap, VIP and media parking. Committee is responsible for transporting attendees to and from Tent City via trams if needed.
  • Publicity & Promotion Committee — Develop and distribute promotional materials and media kits, write news releases, host media Press Day six weeks prior to the show, develop and manage all show communications including social media.
  • Sign Committee — Install and take down highway and tent city signs, provide storage space and maintenance of signs as needed.
  • Tent City Committee — Assist in layout of streets, avenues, food and educational tents. Supervision of Tent City, work with exhibitors during setup and removal, work with sign committee, assist with transportation needs during the show, coordinate two-way radio system.
  • Traffic/Safety Committee — Establish traffic pattern for incoming and outgoing visitors, provide security for the grounds, set up a command post, and work cooperatively with local police, fire and EMS personnel.
  • Utilities Committee - Work cooperatively with various utility companies (power, telephone), coordinate wiring according to Tent City layout.
  • Youth Committee — Work with FFA and 4-H members/leaders in setting up a soil judging program, host the Youth Tent, and conduct youth educational programs in the Youth Tent at the Portage County show.

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Executive Committee and Committee Liaisons

Executive Committee:

Subcommittees and Liaisons:
  • Fundraising and Hospitality — Co-Chairperson: Deb Barlament & Sarah Englebert | Executive Committee Liaison: John Pagel
  • Youth — Co-Chairperson: Renee Van Donsel & Carolyn Harz | Executive Committee Liaison: Tasha Schlies
  • Grounds — Chair: Edward Dorner | Executive Committee Liaison: Simon Hewett
  • Tent City — Co-Chairperson: Arnie Johnsrud | Executive Committee Liaison — Jerry Sinkula
  • Publicity — Chair: Terrilynn Hastreiter | Executive Committee Liaison: Kristy Pagel
  • Safety and Traffic — Chair: Jason Veeser | Executive Committee Liaison: Matt Joski
  • Food — Co-Chairperson: Suzi Sevcik & Eric Treml | Executive Committee Liaison: Ron Paider
          Email for more details about food committee
  • Admissions — Co-Chairperson: Steve Schleis & Dan Hanrahan | Executive Committee Liaison: Jim Smidel
  • Utilities — Chair: Ryan Hoffman | Executive Committee Liaison — Alan Gregory
  • Signs — Co-Chairperson: Jane Sweasy & Eric Dean & Paul Wauters | Executive Committee Liaison: Chuck Wagner
  • Field Demonstration — Co-Chairperson: Joe Stangel & John Blazei | Executive Committee Liaison: Dave LaCrosse
  • Parking — Chair: Shaun Hardtke | Executive Committee Liaison: Andy Barta
  • Family Living — Co-Chairperson: Mari Fager & Judy Malcore | Executive Committee Liaison: Edith Lauscher
  • Commemorative Toy — Chair: Dale Swoboda | Executive Committee Liaison: Randy Ebert
  • Innovation Square — Co-Chairperson: Bill Roethle & Will Hewett
  • Heritage — Co-Chairperson: Jim Rabas & Jim Junion & Sue Sevcik | Executive Committee Liaison: Sue Sevcik
  • Garden — Co-Chairperson: Sue Hepp & Jan Tess & Barb Smith | Executive Committee Liaison: Jerry Sinkula
  • Horse — Co-Chairperson: Laura Siegmund & Nancy LaCrosse | Executive Committee Liaison: Nancy LaCrosse
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