Huntsinger Farms, Eau Claire County
S3020 Mitchell Road, Eau Claire, WI 54701
July 20-22, 2021

Innovation Square: New Technology Application


Innovation Square will be offered again at WFTD in 2019, occupying a large open space in Tent City. Companies, university faculty, and farmer-inventors are invited to submit their latest technological advances for inclusion into the exhibit space. A panel of industry judges with a broad range of expertise will evaluate the proposals with the goal of including new technology from all three sectors representing a mix of machinery, crop and livestock technology.

There will be no cost to exhibitors selected for displays in this space although you will be required to have paid booth space in the show to be eligible. Exhibit space will be flexible, based on the amount of room needed to adequately display each technology. Exhibits will need to be accompanied by a company representative during each day of the show.

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